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Airbrushing at the Studio

Airbrushing at the Studio
August 8, 2017 Ben
airbrushing lodi makeup artist
by Ben Pennington

aimee airbrushing makeup natalieLast month, the ladies of your Make-up & Skin Care Studio spent a day with our amazing jane iredale make-up rep, Natalie. It was quite the honor as Natalie made a special trip to train our staff on jane iredale’s own proprietary airbrushing formula!! Not too many small-town studios get to say THAT! We can’t help but feel loved!

So the gals spent the day with Natalie, having way too much fun, learning the ropes on offering their clients Airbrushing.

So what’s the big deal with airbrushing?

But I’m a guy. I just do the graphics and marketing stuff. I know little about make-up, and I wanted to know what made airbrushing different. You’re asking the same question I am: Why would someone want to have their make-up airbrushed as opposed to having it put on the traditional way?

So I asked Studio manager Teresa. She told me that clients would enjoy Lodi airbrushing make-upairbrushing because if offers some extra special benefits on top of some of the benefits of traditional make-up application, such as:

  • the fullest coverage
  • super-matte finish (so it photographs beautifully)
  • natural, soft-face contouring
  • body make-up ability and natural bronzing
  • non-transferable
  • sun protection (SPF)
  • non-toxic
  • alcohol-free (non-drying)

The super-matte and coverage will clearly be important for wedding, but all of these benefits will certainly help for all occasion make-up.

To me, I see airbrushing like the “photoshop” of mineral make-up application.

And we are so excited to announce that we are now offering airbrushing to our clients using jane iredale’s high-quality mineral make-up!

When will the Studio start offering this service?

We now offer this great new make-up service now! We charge an extra $25 on top of regular make-up services and think that you’ll find it worth the upgrade! To learn more, stop by or call 209.426.6444 today!

aibrushing lodi makeup artist