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Top 5 of 2016 at Your Studio

Top 5 of 2016 at Your Studio
December 31, 2016 Ben
by Ben Pennington

The year 2016 really has been a tremendous year for The Make-up & Skin Care Studio. So much has been packed into a seemingly short 365 days that there are many things worthy of mention for our Top 5 events and reflections. But here’s some recap of what’s been going on with your Make-up & Skin Care Studio for this past year.

5. HerLife Magazine

her life compositeIn July 2016, The Make-up and Skin Care Studio was featured in HerLife magazine.  We received a 2.5 page spread. It was exciting to be a part of it because we were able to give the public more information about how we see our vision, which we really do see as “long-term relationships” between staff as well as between the staff and our valued clients. In the article, Aimee said that our studio is “not a one-and-done philosophy here. We go the extra mile for all of our clients, whether that’s following up with check-in phone calls, keeping tabs on appointment reminders, teaching teens about proper skin care and makeup application or even traveling to a wedding venue provide wedding day makeup for the bride . . . . And when it comes to our valued clients, we are committed to cultivating those long-term relationships because we truly care about their satisfaction and success through all stages of their life.” And that is how we feel about what we do here!

4. Best of San Joaquin Magazine Honors

best of 2016What’s better than winning SILVER for “Best Medi Spa” in the San Joaquin Magazine  BEST of 2016? Winning GOLD for “Best Wedding Makeup,” of course!!!

We have been working hard to be the best we can in wedding make-up, and so this little award thrilled us. But the reality is that we wouldn’t have won this without our amazing clients who have referred us and have believed in what we do! So here’s a big “Thank You!” to all of you.

3. Make-up Classes and Events

If PHOTOS of classesyou haven’t been to one of our make-up classes, you’re missing out! They’re fun, educational, and well, fun! Recently we did a blog post about why you should come to a future make-up class! Read more there and we think you’ll see why we’re excited about doing more events in 2017!


2. Moving to Our New Location & Online Store Launch

we've movedTechnically, we haven’t fully moved to 310 S. Crescent yet. But it’s still a BIG deal because of all the benefits we believe that it will provide for our clients, including a more quiet and relaxing location. So even though we officially start in the new location on January 3, we’re still counting it for 2016 . . . because hey, we’re moving it now, and it’s not 2017 yet! And it’s been cRazY!

But we also launched our online store officially this year. This goes beyond profits; it’s also about maintaining those “long-term relationships” which we mentioned earlier. The online store is a great way for us to serve busy clients and those who have moved out of the area! Keep an eye out for amazing coupon codes and deals for the online store only!

And our #1 favorite thing about 2016 is . . .

1. Expanding Our Studio Team! (or . . .Serving YOU Better!)

all the team!Yep, of all the amazing things going on around here, nothing has been as thrilling as being able to bring on board three more fabulous and hard-working ladies! This year we added Nicole (lashes), Michele R. (lashes), and Michelle L. (esthetician).

You see, in the beauty business it is a rare thing to find people who are not only able to share a vision like that of the Make-up & Skin Care Studio but also able and willing to live it out together.

Our vision is about going beyond the individualism of each “team” member. We know that everyone needs to make a living. We know that it’s preferable that people enjoy their careers (and we try to make that fun!). But we were on the look out for some ladies that were also about taking care of one another, and this means we can take better care of all our clients!

What Does This Mean, Practically Speaking?

What this means for our team members is that, if someone gets sick, we have another team member who can still fulfill their clients’ appointments and needs with the same care and attention they would have received otherwise. And when you have several ladies with that kind of work and vision, everyone is taken care of! It’s servanthood of the best kind!


So here’s to a great 2016 and a major “Thank you!” to our clients who have made it so wonderful that we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!